We build Processes & teams designed for operational excellence.

We create opportunities through improved Project Management and Change Management processes and skill development. We guide your people to develop the behaviors needed to become a high-achieving, top-performing team.


Corporate Services

Success depends on a team’s ability to produce a quality product. All while navigating advancements, competition, and changes within an industry. We construct lasting, tenable solutions to the many challenges that face technical organizations.

Corporate Services

Government Services

Our government and public service practice provides innovative approaches and tools focused on organizational development, change management, program management, and education and training.


Government Services

Project Management

Our clients come to us when their projects need to be delivered on time and on budget. Rose Group Int’l®️ can ensure that the entire organization is on board, productive, accountable, and goal-oriented during the entire project timeline.  

Project Management


From heavy industry machinists to sawmill operators, we train front-line supervisors to hold teams accountable, lead through change, and develop safe habits.


Effective Change Management is the foundation of successful companies and their initiatives.

Rose group Int’l®️’s Change Management Practice supports the board room, executives, directorS, and team leaders

We work with organizations to create a team that’s innovative, creative, and accountable. Where “have to” becomes “get to.”

We have created a distinct and repeatable method based on published research that has been refined through years of successful engagements.

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Styles of delivery


We facilitate critically needed discussion through unspoken conversations, tough topics, and complex issues. Our what-you-see-is-what-you-get style resonates with intensely busy execs who need to get to solutions as effectively as possible. 


We co-create a training program that achieves the desired results. Our training options range from self-reflection techniques to team building to technical skills development.


Our Helix™ Certification allows members in your organization to execute, employ, and integrate Helix Culture Types™ into employee placement, ad hoc team development, innovation strategies, leadership development, and more.

Why Hire us?

We are experts in transitions and improving project processes. We don’t need to burn down everything and start over. We find the small adjustments that effect the most important changes.

Common workplace issues that Rose Group Int'l®️ solves
  • Accountability and teamwork issues
  • Missed deadlines and failed delivery on objectives
  • Unsuccessful culture adoption during an acquisition
  • Undesirable turnover and attrition
  • Low engagement and morale
  • Failed adoption of initiatives and process changes
These issues are often a result of...
  • A major reorganization
  • A merger or acquisition
  • Company growth outpacing the original organizational culture
  • Lack of accountability
  • Lack of leadership knowledge in a change environment
  • Changed protocols or regulations
  • New leadership
Rose Group Int'l®️ provides
  • Improved accountability and productivity
  • Increased alignment and engagement
  • Improved communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Successful projects
  • Insight into team dynamics
  • Leadership tools
  • Project Management Solutions
What Industries Can Utilize Our Tools?

Any organization that relies on a team of professionals, such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Sales 
  • Finance and insurance
  • Retail
  • Medical
  • Government agencies
  • Non-profit

Our Change Framework

Helix Culture Type™ Assessment:

A Helix Culture Type™ Assessment is a workplace-oriented method to quantify work preferences of individuals on a team. The system employs a novel and updated perspective based on published research underpinning established management and personnel theory. It has been refined over years of successful engagements.

Our Helix Culture Type™ Assessment is unlike older personality typing systems, which have not kept pace with business’s need for team-oriented and quickly employable methods. Further, Rose Group Int’l ensures your team is ready for success with tools and methods to use Helix™ Assessment results effectively and immediately.

Kurtz Change Transition Model (KCTM)™:

The KCTM™ assesses an organization’s individualized appetite for change, based on the Helix Culture Types™ of its people.

Unlike other change management frameworks that assume that change creates an unavoidable and costly disruption period (the classic “U-shaped curve”), the KCTM™ teaches your leaders how to embrace the unique opportunity for innovation created by change, and decrease the negative energy spent on fretting change.

Case Studies

We work with clients for a few days or a few years. With one executive client or an entire team. Our strategy is determined by the needs of the organization. This sampling of case studies showcases the range of what we do and how we execute to ensure that your investment has the highest value and greatest impact.

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