Your team can reach beyond even your biggest goals.

We are experts in transitions. A new CEO, reorganization, or a new regulatory environment all require the same process to keep your organization moving forward – reaching for aspirational goals, improving engagement, generating excitement for the next phase.

Our Services


The Kurtz Change Transition Model is a comprehensive solution that is designed to lead your organization through a big change. Centered around our IP, Change Types, we focus on communication styles, risk tolerance, reactions to stress, and the altitude at which people like to operate. Your organization will be stronger, more focused, have more fun, and be more engaged after your change transition. We love the people. We love the work.

Strategic Intelligence

Strategic intelligence is creating alignment and resonance throughout your organization, such that every level in your org chart completely understands and engages in your strategic direction and goals. We get people from across the org chart in the same room, we "unlabel" them, and have them work together to solve a problem. Our VintSint packages are designed to move your organization forward with vigor and purpose.

Inspiration + Tools

We blend a let’s-get-it-done attitude with a get-everyone-onboard approach. We provide the high-five-feeling of executive coaching with the practical tools it takes to actually create leaders who will guide the organization both within and without. We want to help you create your ideal business culture, so that you keep your best people, achieve greater success, and eventually, leave the organization in good hands.


Leadership is a dynamic term that challenges organizations at every level. The secret recipe for quality leadership includes some simple, but elusive, skills and a strong understanding and buy-in to the company culture. When we engage with your company, we find out who you are, your goals, parameters of success, ideal leaders in your organization. We focus our leadership engagement on not only leadership skills coaching, but also on customized goals and characteristics of your organization.

Designed by You

Sometimes exactly what you need isn't what anyone offers - it's because you and your company are unique. Perhaps you need to address retention or stakeholder management or onboarding of new leaders or opening a new plant or meeting customer service goals. Our Kokesh Employee Engagement Model (KEEM) allows us to custom build a solution for you. And we have an incredible breadth of talented experts who love to solve your thorniest of challenges.