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The application for our typology goes beyond consulting. That’s because our expertise is in people, and at Rose Group Intl’, we understand that the better you understand your clients, the higher your sales. 

learn how ix™ can improve your sales

Facilitating communication is a major aspect of what we do, and sales is really an exercise in effective communication. We can help teams or individuals strategize on how best to share the brand message to any individual.

Sales teams hire us to…

  • Increase sales
  • Improve message transfer
  • Better understand their prospects
  • Reach their target audience
  • Understand four main points-of-view and how to speak to each
  • Tailor our method to specific sales needs
  • Learn more about what motivates people to buy
  • Integrate seamlessly with the rest of the team

™why rose group Int’l?

At Rose Group Int’l, we understand something that many salespeople don’t: every time you make a sale you initiate a change.

Have you ever considered that any major purchase is just that—a change? Think about a significant transition in your life. Whether it was when you bought a house, a new car, or an education, that investment caused a major disruption.

No matter what you’re selling, it will signal a change for your prospect. And that’s good for you because everyone navigates change in a predictable way.

But here’s the deal: some people love change…while others…hate it.

And in the same way you might sell differently to a baby boomer versus a millennial, you need to sell differently to someone who loves change (chaos-tolerant) than someone who hates change (order-tolerant).

Our science-based typology, Culture Types™, identifies four distinct patterns of behavior that all handle change in a unique—but predictable—way. Salespeople can use Culture Types™ to better understand their customer to gain an uncanny ability to predict how to best approach a sale.


Our Science-based method

If you haven’t taken our free, simplified Culture Type Assessment™, we encourage you to take a few minutes to do so. Knowing your Culture Type™ will give you some context as you begin to relate the information here into your sales strategy.

how it works?

A Culture Type Assessment™ is a method to predict how a person will react to change. The system employs a novel and updated perspective, based on published research underpinning established management and personnel theory and has been refined over years of successful engagements.

Culture Type Assessments™ measure two things: a person’s tolerance for change and how they operate in a team environment.

X-axis: Are you driven by a team environment, or do you prefer to work alone? Our X-axis measures Team – Self.

Y-axis: Do you prefer order or chaos? Our

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