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We establish PMO’s. We lead flagship projects. We create Agile/waterfall handshakes. We support your client’s change management efforts. We right-size processes for your organization.


Yes, it’s about getting the job done. But, it’s also about bridging IT and the business. It’s about the right PMIS. It’s about managing change in your client’s team. It’s about putting the processes in place, so the people can get the job done.


It can seem counterintuitive, but more structure allows for more flexibility.

Organizations hire us for project management when…

  • Meeting a deadline is non-negotiable
  • Getting it right is a top priority
  • The needs are overarching
  • The project is especially complex
  • Cross-discipline teamwork is necessary for success
  • Communication between departments is challenging
  • Policy changes or new technologies have made the project tricky



The industry spends far too much time defending different camps. The truth is that many organizations need both Agile processes and Waterfall structure.

We have software clients that are all Agile, that have clients using Waterfall.  

We have clients that have a division that uses Agile processes embedded in a Waterfall organization.

We have clients that have to resource balance between IT, operational, clinical, and capital projects.

We have clients who have deployed Agile, but imperfectly, and now need to realign. 

We have clients who have some PM maturity, but they want to move more into consistent, cross-departmental predictable outcomes.

We have clients who want more Agile processes, but investors require more Waterfall-style deliveries. 

 We have clients who want improved adoption outcomes, but whose clients have no experience with an Agile framework.

In all of these cases, we have experts that can support an Agile approach, a Waterfall framework, a hybrid, or just ways in which they can talk nicely to each other.


Project Management with Rose Group Int’l

Whether you need a little tweak or a major overall to your PM processes, stand up a new PMO with a fresh team, or just get some training and skill development, we have the right person to help.

Agile Transformation

We all know that Agile is kind of a big deal in project management. One of the things we love about Agile is that it provides a routine operational cadence.

The four core principles are:

  • individuals and interactions over processes and tools;
  • working software over comprehensive documentation;
  • customer collaboration over contract negotiation; and
  • responding to change over following a plan.

Now, for some of us, that sounds *amazing.* For others among us, it sounds like a mess. And, like it or not, Agile is here to stay and is critically important to get right. 

Agile frameworks can lead to a more agile approach, but sometimes it leads to a lack of overall direction and understanding what success looks like. 

Our Agile team meets you where you are, and asks, how can we support this team to develop a more mature process? We don’t burn down everything and start over. We find way to incrementally build your talent and process so that you can create a high-performance environment.

Phase 1: Observation
We observe you in your natural habitat
We assess your team

Phase 2: Recommendation
We share our observations from a neutral place and offer recommendations

Phase 3: Action Plan
We start! Using standard agile practices, we design a plan of action to launch your teams into execution mode.

Project Management (Waterfall)

“Normal,” “Old School,” or Waterfall project management is about making a plan and seeing how close you can manage to it. This works for a lot of us in executive roles. We want to be able to plan and know that someone is going to be able to pull it off.

For many types of projects, this is the right approach – be that service-based (engineering, marketing, or consulting, for example) or something more tangible (like construction). 

We have built PM process, teams, and skills for every size of business. No one wants bureaucracy. We get it. But being able to know where you and where you’ll be at the end of the year provides a level of comfort rarely found elsewhere.

So, don’t take a cookie cutter approach from organizations, because it’s “best practice.” Make sure that it’s the right fit for you and your organization. 


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