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HELiX™ Individual: Know Thyself

Do you prefer to be adaptable or organized? Is it more important to just make a decision quickly or to gain buy-in? The HELiX Culture Type™ Assessment measures your HELiX Culture Type™ and focuses on two things only: a person’s tolerance for chaos and how they operate in a team environment.

HELiX™ Complete: Know Others

In HELiX™ Complete, you receive access to all HELiX Culture Types™ in the Rose Group Int’l Academy™, including how each HELiX Culture Type™ interacts with others as well as reflections and FAQs on the use of HELiX Culture Types™.

HELiX™ Teams: Leading From A Distance, And Beyond

Ready to leave 2020 behind? Worried about how to keep your people from falling apart (more than they may already be)? Do you want to be a better leader? Do you want to breathe life back into your team? Into the way you connect with them?

The HELiX™ Teams package is built to help you develop a growth strategy for 2021 remote work teams and beyond.

The Team assessments are sold in bundles of two, so be sure you order enough assessments to go around and is discounted 15% from our standard pricing ($83.30 for two).

The Business Continuity Blueprint: Balancing Empathy and Accountability during the COVID-19 Crisis.

You are scrambling to get your hands around business continuity right now, and a big part of that is supporting your people. Join us in this 5-part video series to get a set of tools that are practical, powerful, and critical to the success of your organization. Sign up today!


iX™️ Essentials: Navigating Change and Chaos

Do you want to explore how you can use iX Leadership™ in your own life, in your own teams, in your own relationships?

Our iX™ Essentials is designed as a self-directed virtual training program, where you get access to our trademarked intellectual property. Imagine seeing the world through a new lens that allows you to spend more time on things you love and less time on conflict, stress, and worrying over things you can’t control anyway.

iX™ Complete: Your Guide to Everything iX™

Start your journey with iX Leadership™ and change your organization from the inside. The skills and tools that you’ll learn will enable you to start create an exceptional Internal Experience for your team, your people – the ones you count on.

This is the critical next phase in leadership development and training.


HELiX™ Certification

HELiX™ Certification provides you all the necessary facilitation and leadership skills and tools to address long-standing cultural issues, complex group dynamics, and how to design and create high-five cultures. The power behind HELiX™ Certification is the proprietary framework that includes HELiX Culture Types™, the Kurtz Change Transition Model™, and creative tools like the Mad Hatter Principle™.


As HELiX™ Certified, you truly become part of the iX Leadership™ and Rose Group Int’l families and will receive all the support you need to change the way business gets done around the world.

Project Management Training Camp

Intensive Leadership Team Engagement

We assess your team with our tested, proprietary framework; work with your leadership team to find small adjustments to improve both day-to-day interactions and long-term outcomes; create agreements within your team to build toward the future.

This engagement includes a kick-off meeting with the POC to determine needs and goals, the HELiX Culture Type™ Assessment of the teams, a virtual 3-hr debrief with executive team, a day of 1:1 follow-up interviews with participants, and a wrap down with the POC or designee.

Six follow-up sessions are included with the POC or executive team to evaluate solutions, address ongoing perturbations, and reinforce opportunities.

Co-creation of solutions, identification of blind spots, external insight, and executive support are included.

6-Month Team Development

We assess your team with our tested, proprietary framework; work with your leadership to find small adjustments to improve both day-to-day interactions and long-term outcomes; and provide support to evaluate progress, work through unspoken conversations, and adjust as needed for 3 months.

This engagement includes a kick-off meeting with the POC to determine needs and goals, a 1-day retreat with team, a day of 1:1 follow-up interviews with participants, a debrief with the POC, integration of notes, actions, and strategies developed in conjunction with the POC, and 6 bi-weekly sessions with team.

iX Leadership™ Coaching

Designed to develop transition skills in your leadership, contribute to succession planning for the firm, and improve alignment, iX Leadership Coaching is delivered through cohorts identified by the client (large clients can have rolling start dates).

Lasting for 12 months, this engagement will incorporate the firm’s mission and objectives into cultural and transition training. Client cohorts build tools and skills over time, experience results in real time, and discuss and receive feedback. After a one-day virtual intensive, monthly virtual meetings will be held with group with one-on-one support as needed. Monthly updates and strategy sessions will be held with the POC. A small event will be held to conclude the engagement.

The goal of the engagement is to create leaders within the firm who can guide change, leverage people’s strengths, unite diverse views, and lead with intention.

Price is per cohort.

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