iXA-F Certification


Developing and guiding corporate culture is critical for business today – but most leaders don’t have a clue as to how to go about it. AND, most of the most difficult times for a company and its people are during growth or transition phases, and leaders are often so busy with the chaos going on at the highest levels that the mid-level leaders are stuck trying to figure out how to guide their teams with little resources or tools to find their way.

iXA-F™ Certification provides you all the necessary facilitation and leadership skills and tools to address long-standing cultural issues, complex group dynamics, and how to design and create high-five cultures. The power behind iXA-F is the proprietary framework that includes Culture Types™, the Kurtz Change Transition Model™, and creative tools like the Mad Hatter Principle™.

iXA-F Certification allows you to help people live fuller, happier, more hopeful lives while arming you with the necessary framework to help executive and leadership teams grow their business, increase revenue, and buy time for them to pursue the things they yearn to chase.

Lastly, iXA-F™ Certification allows *you* to be constantly challenged, be creative, and help people on a daily basis. It is an incredible feeling to help solve a toxic work culture – to be a hero for the people who are miserable going to work, and who want to make a difference.

Join the iXA-F™ family today and start changing lives for the better.

Your iX Ambassador-Facilitator benefits include:

  1. Three modules in our Rose Group Academy (online Learning Management System – LMS), which includes over 40 micro-learning videos hosted by Meg and Rachel.
    • Access to our Culture Type™ intellectual property on our online learning management system (called Rose Group Academy) that enables you to see others and solve problems in a whole new way.
    • Access to our KCTM™ intellectual property on Rose Group Academy, which give you the power to understand how people move through transitions.
    • Access to our iX Leadership module on Rose Group Academy, which lays out essential leadership competencies that leverage Culture Types and KCTM.
  2. iX Ambassador Blueprint: a list of activities that will result increased competency using iX Leadership, Culture Types™, and KCTM™ to interpret behaviors and solve problems in a wide variety of situations.
  3. Eight hours of digital meetings with Meg or Rachel designed to prepare you to facilitate and deliver iX Leadership™, Culture Types™, and KCTM™ either to your organization or to others as a consultant/coach/facilitator. You may choose a 30-day option (with 2-hr weekly meetings) OR an 8-hr intensive designed for those who just want to get started.
  4. A Capstone Project, where you demonstrate your newfound ability to interpret and deliver the iX Leadership framework. Meg or Rachel will review your Capstone with you, one-on-one.
  5. One-year license to use iX Leadership framework as a change agent (renewal cost for the 1st year is $497).
  6. An iX Ambassador community of experienced leaders from every industry, with every level of experience, who can support you – and who you can support – as we all grow the iX Movement – consider this your invitation/reminder to join our iX Ambassador FB group.
  7. Inside information on Rachel and Meg’s schedule, so that you have the opportunity to meet them in person as they travel across North America.
  8. Meg & Rachel’s book! iX Leadership: Create High-Five Cultures and Guide Transformation – FREE (a $15.97 value).
  9. Email access to the RGI Team for questions and troubleshooting.

As an iXA-F, you truly become part of the iX Leadership and RGI families and will receive all the support you need to change the way business gets done around the world.

Don’t wait another minute!

Thirty day cohorts start at the beginning of each month and 8-hr intensives are typically scheduled in the middle of the month. Exceptions can be made, so if your schedule doesn’t align, please reach out to Shelly, our GM, for more information.