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  • Results include:
    • “Life-changing!”
    • “Over 100% improvement on conversions on warm leads!”
    • “You totally changed how I communicate with my team.”
    • “It’s like you already know us – in less than 15 minutes?!”
    • Statues being erected in your honor (not kidding!).
  • One-year full online access to the course including:
    • Videos and printable pdf documents for education and presentations.
    • Workbook in the mail and/or emailed .pdf
    • Topics in the course include:
      • Culture Typology: what it is, what it’s not, and how to use it.
      • Leading through Change: how humans move through transitions, and how you can guide them.
      • Culture and Change: how different Culture Types move through change differently.
  • Live video calls at least twice per month for a year to provide additional information and answer questions!
  • Email access to RGI professionals for Just-in-Time support.

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