iX Leadership 101


Your iX Leadership 101 benefits include:

  • Two modules in our Rose Group Academy (online Learning Management System – LMS), which includes videos hosted by Meg and Rachel. You can finish in a few days, but continue to have access to the material for your reference for a year.
  • Access to our Culture Type™ intellectual property that enables you to solve problems in a whole new way.
  • Access to our KCTM™ intellectual property, which give you the power to understand how people move through transitions.
  •  4 LIVE videoconference calls over 60 days. Each call will have a specific topic, but you are invited to submit your questions. Calls will be hosted by Meg, Rachel, or one of their RGI team.
  • An iX Community of experienced leaders from every industry, with every level of experience, who can support you – and who you can support – as we all grow the iX Movement – FREE for 60 days (normally $7.99/mo).
  • Inside information on Rachel and Meg’s schedule, so that you have the opportunity to meet them in person as they travel across North America.
  • Meg & Rachel’s book! iX Leadership: Create High-Five Cultures and Guide Transformation – FREE (a $15.97 value).
  • Email access to the RGI Team for questions and troubleshooting.