iX Leadership 101


Do you want to explore how you can use iX Leadership in your own life, in your own teams, in your own relationships?

Our iX Leadership 101 is designed as a self-directed program, where you get access to our trademarked intellectual property. Imagine seeing the world through a new lens that allow you to spend more time on things you love and less time on conflict, stress, and worrying over things you can’t control anyway.

Your self-directed online iX Leadership 101 benefits include:

  • Two modules in our Rose Group Academy (online Learning Management System – LMS), which includes dozens of micro-learning videos hosted by Meg and Rachel.
    • Access to our Culture Type™ intellectual property on our online learning management system (called Rose Group Academy) that enables you to see others and solve problems in a whole new way.
    • Access to our KCTM™ intellectual property on our online learning management system (called Rose Group Academy), which give you the power to understand how people move through transitions.
  • iX Leadership 101 Blueprint: a list of activities that will result increased competency using iX Leadership, Culture Types™, and KCTM™ to interpret behaviors and solve problems in a wide variety of situations.
  • An iX Ambassador community of experienced leaders from every industry, with every level of experience, who can support you – and who you can support – as we all grow the iX Movement – consider this your invitation/reminder to join our iX Ambassador FB group.
  • Inside information on Rachel and Meg’s schedule, so that you have the opportunity to meet them in person as they travel across North America.
  • Meg & Rachel’s book! iX Leadership: Create High-Five Cultures and Guide Transformation – FREE (a $15.97 value).
  • Email access to the RGI Team for questions and troubleshooting.