Helix™ Teams: Leading From A Distance, And Beyond

Ready to leave 2020 behind? Worried about how to keep your people from falling apart (more than they may already be)? Do you want to be a better leader? Do you want to breathe life back into your team? Into the way you connect with them?

The Helix™ Teams package is built to help you develop a growth strategy for 2021 remote work teams and beyond.

Designed to provide you with quantitative data about that elusive energy dynamic that often happens between team members, this assessment evaluates how your team deals with change and transition by measuring your team's chaos tolerance and need for team – two of the most critical aspects to successful team development and engaged employees.

The Teams package includes an individual assessment for each member of your team, which includes a personal dashboard, where they’ll learn a bit about their results.

For the leader, you will get to see everyone's results on the same graphic, so you can start to understand the challenges and benefits inherent in your people, as well as start to identify root causes of motivations and behaviors. Helix™ Teams also includes 2 Rose Group Int'l Academy training modules to help your team interpret and understand their results.

The Team assessments are sold in bundles of two, so be sure you order enough assessments to go around and is discounted 15% from our standard pricing ($83.30 for two).

You may also add a 60-minute facilitated virtual strategy session with yourself or a designated point of contact with a certified Helix™ consultant. The session will review your team’s results, is tailored to meet your team's specific needs, and you’ll get answers to questions you might not even know you should ask. (Price: $250)

You can wait to see what happens or you can make it happen with Helix™ Teams.


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