Helix™ Certification


Helix™ Certification provides you all the necessary facilitation and leadership skills and tools to address long-standing cultural issues, complex group dynamics, and how to design and create high-five cultures. The power behind Helix™ Certification is the proprietary framework that includes Helix Culture Types™, the Kurtz Change Transition Model™, and creative tools like the Mad Hatter Principle™.


As a Helix™ Certified Facilitator, you truly become part of the iX Leadership®️ and Rose Group Int’l®️ families and will receive all the support you need to change the way business gets done around the world.

Your Helix™ Certification benefits include:

  • Three full courses in our online Rose Group Int'l Academy, which include videos hosted by Meg and Rachel. You can move through the videos as quickly as you like, but you’ll continue to have access to the material for a year.
    • Access to our Helix Culture Type™ intellectual property that enables you to solve problems in a whole new way.
    • Access to our KCTM™ intellectual property, which gives you the power to understand how people move through transitions.
    • Access to our Leadership intellectual property, which integrates Helix Culture Types™ and KCTM™ into core Leadership skills.
  • Weekly Facebook Lives. Each call will have a specific topic, but you are invited to submit questions. Calls will be hosted by a member of the Rose Group Int'l®️ team.
  • Eight hours of live video facilitation training via Zoom.
  • A workbook that contains all our materials, graphics, and information.
  • A membership to an iX™ Community of experienced leaders from every industry, with every level of experience, who can support you (and who you can support).
  • A chance to meet Meg and Rachel in person as they travel across North America.
  • A FREE GIFT! Enjoy Meg and Rachel’s book, iX Leadership: Create High-Five Cultures and Guide Transformation(a $15.97 value).
  • Email and mobile access to the RGI team so you can submit questions and receive feedback for just-in-time support.

In order to become Helix™ certified, you’ll have to complete the online training, attend 8 hours of facilitation training, and conduct a capstone project, where you’ll provide ten people with the Helix Culture Type™ Assessment, and you’ll interpret the results. You’ll be able to understand what work environment people need to thrive, what conflicts may arise between team members, how the individuals and the team will react to change, strategies about how to move through transitions most effectively, and so many more insights into people.

Once you become Helix™ certified:

  • You gain permission to use our intellectual property to build teams for clients or for your internal divisions.
    • You agree to support your colleagues by providing your best advice and guidance when needed.
    • You become part of the Rose Group Int’l®️ family.
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