Guiding Organizational Change


Getting projects done on time and under budget can seem impossible. And those client changes – you know they are coming – are crazy-making.

Take our incredible week’s worth of interactive, simulation-based training, and never let the chaos of projects affect your team or your standards.

And be a hero to your organization and clients!
Project management is not for the faint of heart.

This is a PMI-certified course and counts toward Professional Development Units (PDUs).

Project management requires a unique combination of skills:

1. the ability to see the big picture, understand what changes may come, and how to navigate your team's and client's needs.

2. to understand how to track the work in real time, deal with the unexpected, and how to motivate your people when times get tough.

You have the desire and the need, it's time to expand your skills to create real results and be a hero to your clients and team.

Are these classes certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI)?

Yes, these classes are all approved by PMI. Our partner Milestone Management Partners, Inc. has been a training partner for over 3 decades.

In fact, if you already have your Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, then you can take these classes toward your required Professional Development Units (PDUs - good for 40 hours).

What is the style of the workshops?

The workshops are team-based, simulation courses. We believe that the only way to really learn is to do. We spend much of the time in a full computer simulation with wall charts of a 20+ week project that will challenge you to plan, track, and execute projects. Your teams are made up of well-developed personalities that include traits, histories, resumes, and work preferences. How you treat them is directly related to how productive they are - the same as in real life!

What's the best - the whole week, or one of the shorter options?

If you want a full, robust set of skills that bridges the people side and the "getting things done" of project management, then you should definitely stick around all week. These tools will change the way you work, the way you build projects at home, and the way you see new possibilities.

The first two days is Project Management Training Camp. If you want to learn how to manage projects - from developing activity lists to building the schedule to resource leveling to tracking progress in real time (and knowing how to make changes!), then these first two day are for you.

The last three days of the week is Guiding Organizational Change, which is really all leadership and team building, all the while managing a project full of both productivity challenges and people interaction.

Who teaches the classes?

Dr. Rachel MK Headley will be the guide for the week.

Because the workshops are designed to be interactive, she'll do some of the teaching of basic concepts, but most of the week, you're working in your own teams, learning and facing challenges together. She has decades of experience in the real world of project management (from small business to flying satellites!), and she'll help guide your team if it gets stuck or needs support.

Dr. Headley is PMP certified and has been for over a decade.

Is it really right for me?

Yes, absolutely.

The class has seen fresh-faced first-timers to U.S. Air Force Generals. These exact workshops have been delivered to tens of thousands of participants around the world!

These classes are designed so that everyone on the teams are vital to the learning and developing of everyone's skillsets. Very few people have ever received formal Project Management training, so if you're new, you definitely won't feel like you're left out.

And, if you've had some experience and are currently working in project manager role, you will absolutely be able to immediately put these skills and tools into practice when you get back in the office.

If you're a small business owner or entrepreneur, there are few other skills you could have that would make your time more productive, more effective, and actually help accomplish all that you're trying to achieve.

When and where and other details?

The class meets at BHSU - Rapid City Campus (4300 Cheyenne Boulevard, Rapid City, SD 57709).

Class is held from 8a - 4p each day.
You will receive a 1-hr lunch break.

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