The Business Continuity Blueprint: Balancing Empathy and Accountability during the COVID-19 Crisis.


You are scrambling to get your hands around business continuity right now, and a big part of that is supporting your people. Join us in this 5-part video series to get a set of tools that are practical, powerful, and critical to the success of your organization. Sign up today!



✓ An interactive learning experience designed for the COVID-19 business leader looking for answers to questions about business survival

✓ Taught by project management and organizational psychology experts, Dr. Rachel MK Headley and Meg Manke, MSSL

✓ Master the concepts of balancing emotional intelligence (empathy) and business productivity (accountability)

✓ Learn to create your business continuity blueprint with LIVE webinars and resources

✓ New insights on how to be positive through the crisis

✓ Access to a network of business leaders struggling with your same challenges


✓ Understand your response to social distancing, remote work, and all the other crazy chaos.

✓ Understand predictable (that’s right, predictable!) patterns of people’s response to major disruption.

✓ Know, not guess, your team’s response to social distancing, remote work, and all the other crazy chaos (essential vs. non-essential).

✓ Engage and motivate in the time of COVID-19.

✓ Design your return to work strategy.


CORPORATE LEADERS | Managers, directors, and vice presidents

FOUNDERS | Founders, business owners, and CEOs of small to medium-sized businesses INVESTORS | Investors responsible for assessing industries and driving growth for their firms

Meg Manke, CEO

Dr. Rachel MK Headley

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