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The Power of Motivational Leadership

Every leader has asked themselves how to promote hard work, resiliency, and accountability with their employees.  Many suggestions relate to external motivation - promises of rewards or threats of sanctions - and they aren't usually very effective.  On the other hand,...

New Year, New Habits! (No, it’s not too late!)

(No, it’s not too late!)
January is a natural time to reflect on our personal and professional goals. But January is over, so now what? At RGI, we often see a February slump – where the dopamine from January resolutions has worn off – so we encourage clients to view all of Q1 as an opportunity to form new or better habits, not just January. So maybe you find yourself in a February slump, but you still want to make some positive change. Where do you start?
Our culture type assessment, Helix®, helps individuals understand their underlying motivators and preferences for the way they work with others and how they instinctively handle chaos. We always add a quick reminder that there isn’t a “best” way to be – that no matter your culture type, you CAN work with others and handle chaos, but once you understand your own preferences, you can move your response to unexpected things from your emotional brain to your logic brain. (Want to dive into that concept? Read our blog post about the 3 brains model.)
With that in mind, if you’re trying to shake up some habits in 2024, give yourself some tools! For example, we have several remote employees that need to back up their local files to our server. This can be a pain, so often, it’s not done. Deb (our Senior Communication Consultant) acknowledges that it’s an important task, but she’s a Fixer, which means that she’s not very motivated by organization (like filing systems) or habitual work. She also wants to finish a project and then move on to the next adventure – who wants to stop and spend 20 minutes activating remote security and saving a bunch of stuff to the cloud? That being said, in 2024, Deb is going to change this habit and make sure everything gets backed up to the cloud. But how? Deb is still motivated by the same things as before and is still less than thrilled about filing. You can’t just will something into being – something HAS to change.

Navigating Workplace Challenges

Navigating Workplace Challenges: Start with your Brain! At the start of each new year, we feel rejuvenated – ready to take on the new year after a holiday season of rest and celebrations. It won’t take long before that dopamine hit wears off, and you realize that you...

Hard Conversations Can Pave the Way for Growth and Team Development

Effective communication is the foundation of a thriving workplace. However, there are moments when hard conversations need to be had, where sensitive issues or conflict needs to be managed. These difficult conversations, though challenging, can pave the way for growth, understanding, and improved dynamics within a team or organization.

How (The Hell) Did I Get Here?  | PODCAST

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