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From heavy industry machinists to sawmill operators, we train front-line supervisors to hold teams accountable, lead through change, and develop safe habits.

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Success in the manufacturing industry comes down to the team’s ability to produce a quality product efficiently, consistently, and safely. All while navigating advancements in technology and changes within your industry.

Common challenges within manufacturing

  • Safety protocol violations and infractions
  • Balancing safety with production demands
  • Disconnect between high-level executives and folks on the floor
  • Difficulty recruiting and retaining skilled labor
  • Policy and protocol changes due to automation
  • Difficulty integrating new technology

Common challenges within most organizations

  • Lack of accountability
  • Team misalignment
  • Missed deadlines
  • Undesirable turnover and attrition
  • Loss of key personnel
  • Low engagement
  • Poor morale
  • Failure to adapt to process changes

how do we know all this?

Our COO, Meg Kokesh McNeese, began her career in manufacturing. From her position in Human Resources, she saw firsthand the unique challenges within this industry.

For example, she watched as dedicated and talented technicians were promoted into leadership positions. Some of them relished the new responsibility, while others grappled with the stress of leading their fellow teammates. She saw that stress play out in accountability and production issues.

Many manufacturing organizations struggle to find a balance between caution and production demands. Often, one can be incentivized over another, making the priorities of the organization unclear or tricky to follow.

We are also aware that recruiting and retaining skilled labor is increasingly difficult for most manufacturing organizations. According to a study by The Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte, between 2 million and 3.5 million manufacturing jobs will go unfilled by 2025.

And as more positions become automated, companies need employees and managers with a high-tech skillset that can problem-solve on the job. As technological advancements continue to change manufacturing, the folks on the floor have to evolve as well. From integrating new software, machinery, and protocols, adaptation is critical.


Successfully navigating internal issues takes strategy, skill, and experience. Rose group int’l®️ maintains that company culture is designed—either by accident or with intention. We can help create a culture of accountability.    

Manufacturing with Rose Group Int’l®️

At Rose Group Int’l®️,  we reduce risk by training front-line supervisors to proactively and effectively address common issues among manufacturing teams.


We empower leaders and teams at every level to

  • Attract and retain skilled labor
  • Excel in management and leadership positions
  • Use tools that immediately improve accountability and productivity
  • Hit target initiatives and deadlines
  • Adjust to new technology and protocol
  • Adhere to safety regulations while maintaining high output
  • Maintain key personnel
  • Resolve internal disputes and conflict
  • Manage projects to stay on time and under budget

Through decades of experience, we’ve observed that internal organizational challenges often arise after a major change or transition.  

We’ve seen many manufacturing organizations fail to execute a change (it’s often said that 70 percent of changes fail to be fully implemented as planned), like an internal promotion, new protocol or technology, or new leadership. Along the way, we realized something was missing from the equation. Problems don’t arise because leaders are lazy or aloof or because the team is intentionally sabotaging the effort.

The real issue hinges around uncertainty about how the change will impact the team and the individuals that comprise it. When it comes down to it, many manufacturing challenges revolve around change management.

And we are experts in change.


We offer classroom training (from an intensive one day to 18-month development plans), which always includes an accountability plan and often includes an internal mentoring program.

Our training is actionable, addresses real issues, is practical, and no nonsense. We teach on how to hold employees accountable, when they are also your friends. We provide tools to take the emotion out of critical conversations. We provide ways to understand people and how they interact as a team.

And we always include the overall goals of the organization, ensuring alignment from the top to the bottom of the org chart.

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