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At Rose Group Int’l®️, we’ve been helping powerful thought leaders, trusted advisors, consultants, and internal change makers become iX®️ Leaders.

This includes the ability to:

  1. Hire people who are a better fit.
  2. Build more innovative, creative, and higher-performing teams.
  3. Move through change transitions with efficacy.
  4. Resolve conflicts with skill.
  5. Ensure people are hearing what you’re asking.
  6. Create training material that will resonate with everyone.
  7. Guide major changes to successful completion.
  8. Negotiate with more predictable outcomes.
  9. Support the goals of the organization more fully.
  10. Implement the newest and critical next step in leadership and business development in order to create high-five cultures and guide transformation.


a leadership style that focuses

on developing exceptional internal experience, not only for leaders,

but for the people that get it done for your organization.

Start your journey to become an iX Leader®️ and change your organization from the inside. The skills and tools that you’ll learn will enable you to start create an exceptional Internal Experience (iX®️) for your team, your people – the people you count on.

This is the critical next phase in leadership development and training.


When we work with an organization, we begin by evaluating what we call their internal experience (iX®️).

Company iX®️ encompasses opportunities and challenges, internal disagreements and alliances, outstanding internal teams and poor performers, and strengths and weaknesses. It’s the people, fundamental goal, and overall experience that make the company into what it is.

It’s culture.

From our perspective, iX®️ is one of the greatest determining factors of overall success.

Peering through the lens of a company’s iX®️ impacts everything—from qualitative data like sales, budget, deadlines, retention, productivity, and profit—to the nuanced stuff, like optics, leadership, and company culture. iX®️ gives insight into the team experience, such as to what degree employees feel valued, autonomous, innovative, and satisfied.

Another way to measure iX®️ is by analyzing the energy of a team. Do they go the extra mile because they want to? Are they challenged? Motivated? Are they positioned to reach their full potential?

Our clients are often surprised that the iX®️ of a company can be improved. When leadership better understands their people, when internal disagreements are resolved, and when the entire team is positioned for success, the internal experience of an organization completely changes.

get the team involved!

Does this sound like a benefit to the whole team or company could benefit from?

Imagine what you could accomplish with everyone using iX Leadership®️ tools.

If you seek one-on-one support, group coaching, board retreats, executive gatherings, training, keynote speakers, or consulting – contact us today.

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