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We are changing the face of business today…

 …Half of the population dreads going to work, and we are committed to changing that across all verticals, industries, and sectors.

We are great at tailoring training for professionals who are…

          …busy, curious, and want information in a direct and meaningful way.

We offer two opportunities a month to participant in a live video call where we address…

          …the most pressing leadership questions of our time.

We break down the mysteries of healthy corporate culture and effective change and making it easy, simple, fast, and even fun for anyone with an honest hunger to succeed…

          …to get busy making it happen.

We’ve been there…

          …unlike a lot of coaches and consultants, we’ve led teams large and small

          …we’ve had to integrate teams

          …we’ve led reorgs and led M&A transitions

          …we’ve DONE THE WORK.

We’re here to support you on your journey…

          …we’ll share openly

          …we’ll tell you when you’re full of it.

          …we’ll tell you when you’re onto something big.

          …we’ll be proud of you when you nail it and review lessons when things don’t go as planned.

Do you want everyone in your organization to better handle change? 

You work hard to create success for yourself and for those around you…

          …maybe you are constantly trying new things or recognize that the old way of doing things just isn’t working.

          …maybe you’ve even tried to change things, but nothing seems to stick. And, frankly, it can leave you feeling frustrated, exhausted, and overwhelmed.

          …maybe executive leadership is demanding unreasonable changes too quickly, and you’re the one that needs to figure out how to implement everything.

          …maybe you are trying to implement changes that range from developing talent to reorgs to RIFs..

          …and the training just isn’t sticking or there is straight up resistance.

Secretly, it may leave you feeling resentful of your company or clients, because you’ve been working so hard to make something happen, and things are feeling broken.


Sound familiar?

Guess what?!? Work doesn’t have to suck. Change doesn’t have to be hard. Internal Experience is designed, either by accident or by choice.


We’ve created iX Leadership®️ for EXACTLY where you are right now.

  1. Create lasting change through true leadership that develops the Internal Experience of your organization.
  2. Make it happen with the best framework to guide the process.

Since you’re an exceptional leader, you know that continually learning is the key to long-term success.

iX Leadership®️ is a framework that affects nearly every aspect of how you see people and change.

Let’s get real here…

There is seriously awful advice out there. With the gig economy, it gives anyone the ability to spout advice without any real experience or knowledge.

Finally, you’ve found something that is authentic, insightful, and actually practical – something that will revolutionize leadership and your ability to effect transformation and lead innovation.

We’ve created this program so that our deep experience and knowledge is available to you.

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