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Madeline "MK" Schuelke

Social Media Management Intern

Madeline “MK” Schuelke is a social media champ. With experience across all platforms, she loves to find each channel’s niche and customize posts. She has managed social media for several companies and groups, and she is excited to bring that expertise to RGI. Philosophy, communication, and English are her passions, and RGI is the perfect place for MK to flex those muscles in a fantastic environment.

Her creativity isn’t limited to social media – she is also a character performer with Simply Ever After in Sioux Falls, SD. She spends most of her free time snuggling up to her cat, Gus, in spite of having to take a lot of allergy medication. (He’s just that great!) MK also loves reading, crocheting, attending concerts, and playing video games with her friends.

She can be reached at

MK’s 2024 Word of the Year is Deliberate – done intentionally and also to engage in careful consideration.

In both its adjective and verb forms, I have come to admire the act of doing things with intention. Making seemingly minute decisions with intention gives these actions purpose and we can find purpose as well. I’m hoping to implement this even more throughout the year and beyond.

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