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Laura Howard grew up in Utah but has lived in Colorado, South Dakota, and now Wyoming, but the Black Hills, more than any other place, really felt like home. Although her education began at Utah State University, it took a bit of a detour before she earned a B.S. in graphic design and photography from Black Hills State University. While learning the skills required to get her diploma, she also pursued unique industry experiences. She interned at the Sanford Underground Research Facility, gave a Pulitzer Prize winning photographer a tour of Deadwood, helped haul a portable darkroom for wet-plate photo development through the hills one summer, and won a few ADDY awards for her work along the way. She believes that learning is life-long and loves acquiring new skills and techniques that she can then apply to her work. She admires clean, simple design that communicates well in addition to being visually appealing. She currently enjoys applying her style to designs for Rose Group Int’l.

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