Kathy Luze

Project Manager

Kathy is a dedicated team player that is willing to do what it takes to make projects successful. Kathy’s greatest assets are her work ethic and eagerness to learn from every opportunity presented.  She has over ten years of experience assisting in the coordination and implementation of different aspects of projects, meeting quality standards and delivering project goals within a specified time and budget.

Born in Fairbanks, Alaska, Kathy moved with her parents to the Black Hills at the age of four.  The beauty of the surrounding area and closeness to family has kept Kathy and her husband in the Hills.  In her down time she loves reading, spending time at the lake, running on the Mickelson Trail, taking walks with her black lab and snowshoeing with friends.

Kathy’s 2023 Word of the Year:  CONQUER – to successfully overcome a problem or weakness. I feel I have a fear of failure, which inhibits me from learning new things and believing that I can and also that I have the drive and intelligence to do so.  For 2023, I plan to conquer these fears to best assist Rose Group in expanding to their next-level growth.

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