Dr. Rachel MK Headley


“Rachel enjoys a good challenge and has over two decades of experience managing big projects, uniting diverse stakeholders, guiding teams through change, and leading complex and ground-breaking achievements.
She is a powerful advocate of community: in her own team, among her neighbors, and her network of clients, colleagues, and friends.
She is a TEDx speaker and serves on the Council of Trustees at South Dakota State University. Rachel is a Mensa PhD scientist, a certified Project Management Professional, a global citizen, a choral singer, and an art patroness. Her great-grandfather homesteaded in Brookings County, South Dakota, and Rachel spent her formative years on a small family farm. She finds beauty in the prairie, its big skies, and its people.

Rachel’s 2023 Word of the Year:  LIGHTHEARTED – Free from care, anxiety, or seriousness.  “We’re excited for a big year, and I can get very intense when things get busy.  I want to remember to find fun and lightness among the intensity of growing our business.”

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