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Deb Schuelke

Senior Communication Consultant

Deb is an expert at communication.  Great leaders need to be great communicators, and she is here to help elevate leadership by offering training and support to help people communicate more effectively with their teams.  She brings almost a decade of experience teaching undergraduates a wide range of communication topics, including interpersonal, intercultural, and organizational communication.  Her experience with international and American Students from all walks of life has cemented her belief that people are more alike than they are different – we sometimes just need to adjust our perceptions to see it.  Leadership is an art, but it has a foundation of science, too, and Deb can help explore and refine all of the leadership potential in your organization.

She spends a great deal of time wrangling her children, with one in college, one starting high school, and one in elementary school.  Her husband Austin is a grain farmer, operating a family farm which has spanned several generations.

Deb’s 2024 Word of the Year: BUILD –  to increase or develop toward a maximum, as of intensity, tempo or magnitude.

I like all of the implications of the verb to build. In 2024, I plan to build on the successes of 2023 and I can imagine a structure growing taller by the day.  My father was a professional builder, so that visual of seeing the tangible results of effort is something I’ve carried with me from childhood.  I also have a background in theater and music, so the idea of building intensity in storytelling or music also resonates with me.  In all aspects of life, personal and professional, I hope that each new experience allows me to build toward something greater, something more.

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