Brett McCue

Operations Manager

Brett is a spirited individual ready to take your organization’s operations to the next level.  As her passions of business and people collide, she will encourage and engage team members while guarding your company’s values.  Brett will analyze data and metrics to evaluate staff performance, lead and encourage employees to maximize performance, and ensure a strong talent pipeline.  Her passions will drive her to create and implement succession plans for key management and supervisors, and advance cohesion between various internal departments. With a decade of management within multiple industries, these experiences will shape the knowledge and development processes she will develop and share with your company.  Brett is sincere and honest and will inevitably provide bewildering communication throughout the entire process.

Born and raised in western Nebraska, life after college took her to California for many years. Though she never expected nor wanted to leave the ocean, she returned to the captivating rural life in Spearfish, South Dakota to raise her girls in a community that values family.  You will find she always has freshly brewed coffee and espresso in her hand.  She is an avid plant lover, home chef and delights in baking everything from cinnamon rolls to delicate chocolate soufflé.

Brett’s 2023 Word of the Year: ASCEND – moving upward, growing, increasing in awareness, succession.  Reaching a new level of personal & spiritual health, focusing on my knowledge and growth through family, friends, work and the opportunities in each passion.

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