Bill Sanders

Finding the right balance between chaos of innovation to drive people forward and the order of process to keep everyone on track and productive isn’t complicated, but it is difficult. No “one-size-fits-all” solution will bring the ideal into reality and strike the correct balance between chaos and order because there are no two organizations that are exactly alike.

But there are principles, which make Bill’s job so enjoyable. He will bring together those principles with the organization’s people, strategy, business model and technology to craft innovative processes and solutions that bridge the natural gap between strategy and execution while increasing the organization’s production capability.

Bill has been in over 200 organizations across four continents, from startups to Fortune 100 companies, and in such diverse industries as Civil Engineering, Not-for-Profits, Ecommerce, Software Development, Advertising Agencies, Retail Marketing, Construction, and Event Management.

Bill is a past President of the San Francisco American Marketing Association, have published in the American Management Association’s quarterly journal, and am also a co-author of “From Hierarchy to High Performance” (published August 2018).

He works with Roebling Strauss Inc., out of Clayton, California.

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