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Ava Sauter

Executive Assistant

Ava is a “Jane of all Trades” – from jackhammering to accounting, she has the skills to be adaptable and constructive in most situations.  Ava excels at taking complex problems and breaking them down into their elemental parts – this allows for solutions that build strong foundations for change and efficiency.  With years of experience in event management and program development, Ava knows how to effectively collaborate and communicate with a variety of people.  Ava can roll with the punches and is an asset in times of change and growth.

Beyond work, Ava is the proud mother of a sometimes strange, yet always wonderful preschooler.  She loves gardening, foraging in the hills, and sprucing up her old little house.

Ava’s 2024 Word of the Year: GROOVE – A cut or depression made to guide a motion.  Establish a routine or habit.  Enjoy yourself (i.e. shake your groove thang).

This year I want to increase efficiency and effectiveness by building guidelines and setting a routine.  I believe, with the proper structure and discipline, one can get closer to “having it all” and that’s groovy man.

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