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Andrew Chamberlain

Project Manager

Andrew’s professional background ranges from design and construction of Healthcare Facilities, managing Federal Construction Projects as well as PM work in Private and Municipal Projects.  When asked if he prefers projects over $100 Million or less than $10 Million he answers that it really depends on the client, smaller projects just run faster.  Andrew enjoys understanding processes and creating process improvements.  There is always room for growth and improvement, but there needs to be focus on acknowledging skills acquired, and individual/team success.  Recognizing overall health is important for individuals, teams and businesses. 

Andrew has a degree in Civil Engineering and is PMP certified.  Prior to finishing college, he worked as a Firefighter and did other odd jobs.  Andrew has worked in several foreign countries and has been able to maintain fluency in Spanish and Portuguese.  Andrew grew up as a small-town kid where work and play were much the same, and community involvement comprised much of your identity.  He began coaching athletics in Jr. High School and has enjoyed it ever since.  He has a strong appreciation for conservation, agriculture, fabrication and industry as well as educational pursuits, history and philosophical exchange.  He enjoys most outdoor activities and all 4 seasons.  Andrew believes you should do the best you can in life and make sure you laugh along the way. 

Andrew’s 2023 Word of the Year: COMPREHENSIVE – an extensive grasp, study or mental range of something; including all, or nearly all elements or aspects of that subject.

To provide professional development, improve business health and aid effective growth; a team with skills comprehensive to the task must be engaged in that professional process.


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