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Many clients are surprised to learn that a change creates an opportunity to develop high-performing teams. However, transitions often come layered on already stressful circumstances. Therefore, they are seen as yet another challenge to overcome, resist, or suffer through.


Rose Group Int’l signature work revolves around guiding change. We help leaders develop exceptional teams, overcome unspoken conversations, and generate excitement in the hallways. We support motivated professionals in organizations large and small to leverage the power of their people to meet their bottom line. Learn more in Dr. Headley and Manke’s book, iX Leadership®️: Create High-Five Cultures and Guide Transformation.   GET THE BOOK! click here

Guiding change


Create high-five culture within leadership team



Designed and led executive retreat


  • Focused on unspoken conversations
  • Diagnosed root-cause of poor team dynamics
  • Met with executives during retreat and integrated their feedback into our strategy
  • Moderated discussions around long-held disagreements
  • Drafted a move-forward together strategy



While hosting the retreat, RGI was able to predict future employee resignations and prepare the CEO for the loss in personnel. The resignations occurred two months later. The rest of the team continues to function at a higher level than before the retreat. RGI continues to support the CEO and executive team.

Netball America; Dana Point, CA; August 2018-ongoing



Effectively bridge executive and plant leadership


Leadership coaching

  • Taught leaders how to create buy-in of newly implemented processes/projects through Culture Typing and KCTM-based communication strategies
  • Provided skills to resolve conflicts between team members and departments
  • Leaders received training on how to structure proactive conversations to ensure continuity of cultural development

Oatey Company; Cleveland, OH; February 2018-ongoing



Create high-five culture within leadership team




Designed and led Executive Retreat. Goal: Create a high-five culture within leadership team.

  • Focused on Unspoken Conversations and root-cause analysis of poor team dynamics, which is leading to low morale and an inability to execute effectively.
  • Moderated discussions around long-held disagreements and created a move-forward together strategy.
  • Resolved conflicts, which allowed them to create a success strategy for the fiscal year.
  • Six months after the retreat, the Executive Board reports continued cooperation and high morale.


Keystone Chamber of Commerce; Keystone, SD; March 2018


Increase accountability and focus on team building




  • Performed rapid assessment
  • Interviewed staff and teams to develop solutions that resulted in on time project delivery
  • Used our typology to create functional teams, increase productivity, resolve department disagreements, and boost morale


SD Department of Transportation; Pierre, SD; 2017


Strengthen the relationship between client staff and the user community




  • Performed rapid assessment

Interviewed staff in several departments to propose solutions to long running challenges around the relationships between NOAA NCEI staff and the user community


NOAA National Center for Environmental Information; Asheville, NC; 2017

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