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Many clients are surprised to learn that a change creates an opportunity to develop high-performing teams. However, transitions often come layered on already stressful circumstances. Therefore, they are seen as yet another challenge to overcome, resist, or suffer through.


RGI’s signature work revolves around guiding change. We help leaders develop exceptional teams, overcome unspoken conversations, and generate excitement in the hallways. We support motivated professionals in organizations large and small to leverage the power of their people to meet their bottom line. Learn more in Dr. Headley and Manke’s book, iX Leadership®️: Create High-Five Cultures and Guide Transformation.   GET THE BOOK! click here

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“The results are so incredible we’re going to put a statue of Meg at HQ!” -COO

“I discovered that I was communicating incorrectly with my staff. I just didn’t understand why they weren’t getting what I was telling them. [RGI] has revolutionized the way that we plan and execute work and solve problems.” – Operations Manager


This client is a privately held manufacturing company that has been supplying quality, innovative products for over 100 years, with annual revenue of over $500M. They have plants in multiple U.S. states and Canada. They are in a growth phase, acquiring two new plants in new locations and building a new plant in an existing location within the past 18 months.


Supervisors promoted from within needed skills and tools to lead their teams and communicate successfully with executive management.


Three months after training, 74% of participants were still using RGI tools and skills to:

  • Effectively bridge executive and plant leadership.
  • Increase production through resolving conflicts between team members and departments.
  • Improve efficiency between teams and departments through improved communication.


The first Supervisor Summit was so powerful that two additional training sessions were scheduled: one additional Supervisor Summit (with 30 additional attendees) and one Ops Manager Summit. Ops managers from all plants were required to attend. In all, there was a 200% increase in individuals trained due to the results from the initial Supervisor Summit.

Training will now be ongoing as new supervisors and managers are promoted throughout the organization.

RGI is working to standardize all plants with the same tools and methods.


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