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Rose Group International - Phoenix Rising Professional and Personal Development and GrowthIn preparation for our mastermind retreat in October, I had a conversation with two Irish performers to explore the possibility of working with them while we’re at Glin Castle, Ireland.

We had a great conversation, and at one point, one of them asked me – what is the overarching theme of your mastermind? 

These questions are always hard for me, because I like to give detailed answers that could address every single possibility. But, in an intentional effort to sum up, I said, “Transformation.” And then, not being able to help myself, “It’s really more about remembering who you are, and ensuring you honor that in the life you’ve created.”

I didn’t really think much about it before I said the words, but one of the gentlemen said something like – “that is an interesting way to think about it. Most of the time you hear people trying to “discover” themselves.”

But I think it really is about remembering who are you. 

I have friends who have a world view about remembering yourself from past lives, and while interesting, that’s not really what I mean.

I mean that we often have to remember that we prefer sci-fi novels to personal development books. Or that we have to remember that our bodies actually love to move and be strong and dance. Or that we have to remember that exploring new ideas really fires our excitement. Or remember that being more organized really does bring us more peace. 

Whatever your thing is that you’ve forgotten in the madness of trying to keep pace with our lives. 

It’s time to remember it. 

But, we’re often so in our routines and day-to-day we-have-to’s, that we can’t remember. 

We don’t give ourselves the space or time to remember. 

Rose Group International - Dr. Rachel Headley and Meg Kokesh McNeese

Whether you’re looking to grow in your career, find more time, retire early, build your wealth, be kinder, calculate your next move, we are all striving to create a life that gets us closer to who we really are.

And sometimes we need people around us who challenge our accepted norms, our assumptions. 

We are all currently surrounded by people who know and love us for who we are now. 

And if we want to try something new, there is a lot of inertia to keep things as they are. But, spending time with other people who are also processing through and taking on new changes helps you see your own way forward. Surrounding yourself with courageous people allows you to be courageous, too. 

The Great Resignation has gained so much momentum, because it’s allowing people to be inspired to be courageous, because so many others have been courageous before or around them.

So, instead of being surrounded by people that know you for who you currently are – what if you made the decision to surround yourself with people who are trying to be courageous intentionally? Who are working on remembering who they are, and considering steps to create a life around that? 

I can tell you from experience, people in our masterminds help each other be brave. They inspire each other. They challenge each other, ask insightful questions, and invite change. 

Are you in a place that you’re trying to remember who you are? Do you have in inkling that you’re on the cusp of needing something to change, but you’re not sure what it might be? 

Then our mastermind is for you. Yes, our retreat will be in an Irish castle (epic!), but in the next 10 months, you’ll start your journey of remembering who you are. 

And you won’t only be remembering – you’ll be empowered and encouraged to take action to create a life that embraces who you really are. 

Dr. Rachel Headley of Rose Group International helping corporations through the tough changes and challenges of acquisitions and mergers, project management, and big change.AUTHOR

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