Project Management: 5 (+1) Things Your Team Needs to Know

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Project Management. Is it simple or difficult? Is it complex or straightforward? Much of how a person perceives Project Management hinges on their past experiences with both projects and the people managing those projects (the Project Managers).

So what is Project Management?

  • The first thing to know is a basic definition:  project management is the process of organizing, leading, and executing work to achieve specific goals or tangible deliverables.
  • Second, these goals or deliverables are typically defined by a scope or description of work (what it will be, do, or include, and what it will not…)
  • Third, the work executed will be assigned and constrained to an amount of time, resources, and budget, and it must also achieve a specific, measurable performance criterion – quality.
  • Fourth, a Project Manager uses knowledge, skills, leadership, and experience and then applies tools, methods, and techniques to achieve objectives and complete the project overall.
  • The fifth element is to build from this basic understanding to optimize the knowledge gained from our project experiences and achieve a better understanding of our professional environment. When we understand the end goal with the needs, constraints, challenges, and possible resolutions and paths forward in the work environment, we will likely be more engaged, more proactive, and less reactive. This enables us to garner a better understanding and participate more effectively in these work scenarios.

+1, People are the most important resource to a project or business function. Our relationships with people (new or existing) are the most important “People” part of a project. There are just as many methods of communication, coordination, and team building as there are methods in the management of projects. However, people and the relationships we grow and maintain are the most critical element to project success and enjoying a successful work environment.

Rose Group Int’l focuses on people, communication, building positive working relationships, and positive, accountable, and actionable communication combined with sound Project Management Practices. Just like every project-oriented business has an age, level of maturity, and method of communication, people have these same viable sets of skills, apprehension, and knowledge base. We focus on starting where you are (where the people of your business are) and then identifying the steps needed to get you to where you want to be… we work together to understand, identify, organize, and execute to achieve project success

As we acquire knowledge, skills, leadership, and experience, remembering the plus one will drive more success and enjoyment in our professional endeavors.

Andrew Chamberlain, Project Manager at Rose Group InternationalAUTHOR

Andrew Chamberlain
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