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With Rose Group Int’l®️, you get what you see. We don’t pretend everything is okay when it isn’t. We don’t tell you things are a disaster if they aren’t. We address conflict productively. We unite your team, so they have each others’ backs. We move your people toward your goals. We get things done.

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Our Team

Dr. Rachel MK Headley


Rachel enjoys a good challenge and has over two decades of experience managing big projects, uniting diverse stakeholders, guiding teams through change, and leading complex and ground-breaking achievements.
She is a powerful advocate of community: in her own team, among her neighbors, and her network of clients, colleagues, and friends.
She is a TEDx speaker and serves on the Council of Trustees at South Dakota State University. Rachel is a Mensa PhD scientist, a certified Project Management Professional, a global citizen, a choral singer, and an art patroness. Her great-grandfather homesteaded in Brookings County, South Dakota, and Rachel spent her formative years on a small family farm. She finds beauty in the prairie, its big skies, and its people.
Meg has years of experience in leading through transition. From major changes in highly-regulated industries to managing through $100M acquisition, Meg has refined skills in understanding people through change. Her studies in organizational psychology and mastery in leadership concepts ensure that your people are taken care of. Period.
Meg has a passion for helping others realize their full potential – breaking down social and personal barriers – changing their story. Her innate ability to recognize opportunity in weakness and present a strategic solution is unprecedented in today’s business world.
Meg is a ranch kid from western South Dakota, where she still puts in a hard day’s work on the family place. Ranch life gave her sticktoittiveness, passion for family and outdoors, and maybe a touch of stubbornness. Meg is an avid runner, an advocate of the well-rounded education of youth, and a major supporter of finding humor in all things.

Brett McCue

Operations Manager

Brett is a spirited individual ready to take your organization’s operations to the next level.  As her passions of business and people collide, she will encourage and engage team members while guarding your company’s values.  Brett will analyze data and metrics to evaluate staff performance, lead and encourage employees to maximize performance, and ensure a strong talent pipeline.  Her passions will drive her to create and implement succession plans for key management and supervisors, and advance cohesion between various internal departments. With a decade of management within multiple industries, these experiences will shape the knowledge and development processes she will develop and share with your company.  Brett is sincere and honest and will inevitably provide bewildering communication throughout the entire process.

Born and raised in western Nebraska, life after college took her to California for many years. Though she never expected nor wanted to leave the ocean, she returned to the captivating rural life in Spearfish, South Dakota to raise her girls in a community that values family.  You will find she always has freshly brewed coffee and espresso in her hand.  She is an avid plant lover, home chef and delights in baking everything from cinnamon rolls to delicate chocolate soufflé.

Kathy Luze

Project Manager

Kathy is a dedicated team player that is willing to do what it takes to make projects successful. Kathy’s greatest assets are her work ethic and eagerness to learn from every opportunity presented.  She has over ten years of experience assisting in the coordination and implementation of different aspects of projects, meeting quality standards and delivering project goals within a specified time and budget.
Born in Fairbanks, Alaska, Kathy moved with her parents to the Black Hills at the age of four.  The beauty of the surrounding area and closeness to family has kept Kathy and her husband in the Hills.  In her down time she loves reading, spending time at the lake, running on the Mickelson Trail, taking walks with her two black labs and snowshoeing with friends.

Heather Speiser

Project Manager

Heather has been in the Technology and Marketing space for over 15 years. She brings balance and justice to all organizations she touches. With a passion for transforming organizations from waterfall to agile methodologies, she’s helped transition small, medium and large companies to be empowered and strengthened through her observations and recommendations. From tool assessment to process simplification, she can do it all. She operates through empathy and sees people first. She loves working in the depths of chaos to create strong teams.


Outside of work, Heather runs a retreat and event center in Minnesota while juggling life as a mom, wife and coach. She also loves reading and traveling. 

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Kelsey Ruzicka

About Kelsey
Kelsey Ruzicka, owner of Moxie Marketing of the Midwest, LLC, is the web designer behind the Rose Group Int’l website. She also assisted with our rebranding strategy.

Wearing lots of hats and putting off projects is common for business owners and organizations. Moxie Marketing of the Midwest, LLC helps you strategically develop tools and branding to get your projects off the shelf and thriving.

These tools can consist of web design/hosting, graphic design, publication layout, digital design/strategy, PR, and consulting.



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Laura Howard

About Laura
Laura grew up in Utah but has lived in Colorado, South Dakota, and now Wyoming, but the Black Hills, more than any other place, really felt like home. Although her education began at Utah State University, it took a bit of a detour before she earned a B.S. in graphic design and photography from Black Hills State University. While learning the skills required to get her diploma, she also pursued unique industry experiences. She interned at the Sanford Underground Research Facility, gave a Pulitzer Prize winning photographer a tour of Deadwood, helped haul a portable darkroom for wet-plate photo development through the hills one summer, and won a few ADDY awards for her work along the way. She believes that learning is life-long and loves acquiring new skills and techniques that she can then apply to her work. She admires clean, simple design that communicates well in addition to being visually appealing. She currently enjoys applying her style to designs for Rose Group Int’l.


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Our Contributors

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Steve Thomas

About Steve
Steve Thomas, Owner, Raven L.L.C. (Safety Support and Services)

40 years mining & construction experience/14 years as a Safety Manager

Experienced in Safety processes & programs/ Behavior-Based Safety/ Crisis Management

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Dave Austin

About Dave
Dave has 32 years from the ground up in the mining maintenance industry including fixed, mobile and continuous assets. His career has given him the opportunity to understand the importance of a team environment  throughout an organization for maintenance success. Through the tools of maintenance and reliability best practices can help an organization create a safe work environment, increase output with the same assets, reduce the need for capital replacement, reduce maintenance costs and improve performance.
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Sandy Hansen-Wolff

About Sandy
Sandy spends her time helping companies scale through her leadership coaching, speaking and consulting business. She is a certified executive coach to many brilliant business leaders and facilitates monthly mastermind peer groups of business leaders. Sandy speaks to groups large and small on topics of pricing, negotiation, business success/scaling strategies, employee engagement, launching new ventures as well as personal strategies for aligning heart-based leadership to profits.
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Deb Schuelke

About Deb

Deb Schuelke is a Communication professional with more than 16 years of experience in training and education. She currently serves as the Program Director and lead faculty member for the Communication program at a small, private college in South Dakota, which boasts the most diverse student population in the state. With students from all over the US and around the world, she places a high emphasis on relationship-building to increase interpersonal understanding and to promote strong communication skills.


Deb has a broad base of expertise, with particular emphasis in interpersonal communication, intercultural communication, organizational communication and leadership, communication theory, and media studies. In addition to her teaching assignments, she has established an intercultural exchange program with a partner college in France and is part of a team developing a new study abroad experience in Ghana. She also provides ongoing training experiences for college faculty in the areas of teaching pedagogy, student motivation and engagement, and advising/mentor relationships.


Because communication is all around us, it’s common to underestimate the power of effective communication, but don’t be fooled! In reality, communication is something that can be studied, analyzed, and improved upon. It’s a complex social science, but Deb is an expert at helping clients conceptualize the relevant theories and apply them to particular problems or workplace culture.


Outside of work, Deb enjoys managing the chaos of her family of three children, Madeline, Claire, and Jack, and her husband Austin, who operates a grain farm.


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Bob Greenfield

About Bob

Bob Greenfield is the principal of Greenfield Management Strategies and is based in Los Angeles.  Bob’s consulting and coaching practices are tailored for organizations and individual leaders who want to take their game to the next level.  During the past 30 years, Bob has worked with hundreds of organizations including fortune 500 and start-up companies; large multi-national, mid-sized, and small non-profits, and a variety of federal and state public sector agencies.  He continues to enjoy a diverse clientele and practice.

Today, Bob works primarily with executive teams, boards, and individual leaders. He brings his extensive organizational consulting experience to his work as an Executive Coach and Advisor and works with Coaching clients both within and outside of the work setting. Bob is a valuable guide and partner offering clients an insightful sounding board that is both challenging and supportive.

In addition to degrees in Psychology and Public Management & Organizational Behavior and various professional certifications, Bob holds a Black Belt in Hap Ki Do and incorporates martial arts principles into his client work.  Bob resides with his family in Los Angeles, is an avid reader, and enjoys playing basketball and practicing yoga.

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Peggy O'Sullivan

About Peggy
Margaret (Peggy) O’Sullivan is a Registered Nurse serving as the Director of Surgical Services in Rapid City, SD at Monument Health – RapidCity Hospital, which is the main hospital for a regional health care system.  Peggy began her nursing career in 1982 and has served in many areas of the acute care setting with 20 plus years in the surgical arena.
 Peggy is licensed as a Registered Nurse and holds a Master of Science in Nursing with a focus on nursing management and organizational leadership via American Sentinel University. Peggy has attained credentials as a Certified Nurse – Operating Room(CNOR) and as a Nurse Executive, Advanced Certification (NEA-BC).  Peggy is a member of Sigma Theta Tau, International, the Association for periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN), the American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses (ASPAN), the Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates (SGNA),and the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI).
Peggy has a focus on quality, promoting a culture of safety, and nursing leadership in perioperative services.  She has received system Quality Advocate and Quality Project awards.  Peggy has incorporated an LLC and has developed and implemented adult education in the perioperative areas.  She also serves as a consultant in the perioperative environment.
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Bill Sanders

About Bill

Finding the right balance between chaos of innovation to drive people forward and the order of process to keep everyone on track and productive isn’t complicated, but it is difficult. No “one-size-fits-all” solution will bring the ideal into reality and strike the correct balance between chaos and order because there are no two organizations that are exactly alike.

But there are principles, which make Bill’s job so enjoyable. He will bring together those principles with the organization’s people, strategy, business model and technology to craft innovative processes and solutions that bridge the natural gap between strategy and execution while increasing the organization’s production capability.

Bill has been in over 200 organizations across four continents, from startups to Fortune 100 companies, and in such diverse industries as Civil Engineering, Not-for-Profits, Ecommerce, Software Development, Advertising Agencies, Retail Marketing, Construction, and Event Management.

Bill is a past President of the San Francisco American Marketing Association, have published in the American Management Association’s quarterly journal, and am also a co-author of “From Hierarchy to High Performance” (published August 2018).

He works with Roebling Strauss Inc., out of Clayton, California.

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Lizabeth Wesely-Casella

About Lizabeth

Lizabeth Wesely-Casella is the Founder and CEO of L-12 Services, a Washington DC firm focused on internal communications and organizational development.

She is a skilled strategic advisor specializing in attrition mitigation, workflow management, process improvement, and culture.

Lizabeth has over 20 years of experience as an administrator and policy and programming consultant.  Her work has contributed to successful project outcomes in federal health policy, international program development, and non-profit/association management.  In 2014 Lizabeth organized and led process and communication change for First Lady Michelle Obama’s signature program, Let’s Move!.

Using LEAN process improvement and her collaborative nature, Lizabeth calls on her vast range of experience to pass along insights related to change management, strategic planning, and streamlining workflow.

Lizabeth helps clients prevent “The Great Resignation,” attract high-caliber talent, address burnout, and improve productivity

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