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With Rose Group Int’l, you get what you see. We don’t pretend everything is okay when it isn’t. We don’t tell you things are a disaster if they aren’t. We address conflict productively. We unite your team, so they have each others’ backs. We move your people toward your goals. We get things done.

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Leadership Team

Rachel enjoys a good challenge and has over two decades of experience managing big projects, uniting diverse stakeholders, guiding teams through change, and leading complex and ground-breaking achievements.
She is a powerful advocate of community: in her own team, among her neighbors, and her network of clients, colleagues, and friends.
She is a TEDx speaker and serves on the Council of Trustees at South Dakota State University. Rachel is a Mensa PhD scientist, a certified Project Management Professional, a global citizen, a choral singer, and an art patroness. Her great-grandfather homesteaded in Brookings County, South Dakota, and Rachel spent her formative years on a small family farm. She finds beauty in the prairie, its big skies, and its people.

Meg Kokesh McNeese

COO & Head of Training

Meg has years of experience in leading through transition. From major changes in highly-regulated industries to managing through $100M acquisition, Meg has refined skills in understanding people through change. Her studies in organizational psychology and mastery in leadership concepts ensure that your people are taken care of. Period.
Meg has a passion for helping others realize their full potential – breaking down social and personal barriers – changing their story. Her innate ability to recognize opportunity in weakness and present a strategic solution is unprecedented in today’s business world.
Meg is a ranch kid from western South Dakota, where she still puts in a hard day’s work on the family place. Ranch life gave her sticktoittiveness, passion for family and outdoors, and maybe a touch of stubbornness. Meg is an avid runner, an advocate of the well-rounded education of youth, and a major supporter of finding humor in all things.

Shelly McCutchan

Brand Manager

Shelly is a life accountant. What does that mean you might ask? She has unmatched skills in managing logistics, breathing life into a full-scale event with only basic information, researching and creating new opportunities. Shelly focuses on the business of business without losing touch with humanity or reality. Her can-do attitude and extensive background in business management make her a first-class asset in a corporate setting.

Shelly is passionate about connecting humans and helping friends and colleagues achieve their highest goals. If you are on the fence about chasing a goal, chances are Shelly will be able to give you the push you need to achieve it. She is a global citizen and an avid reader.

After a short time living abroad in New Zealand, Shelly returned to her roots in eastern Montana and western South Dakota. In her downtime, she enjoys working on her family’s ranch, watching college football, and volunteering in her community. She is an active board member of Black Hills Leadership Development, The Hook Young Professional Group, and Spearfish Chamber of Commerce.  She cherishes the little things in life, a road trip with friends, a good cup of coffee, or watching a good movie.

Brett McCue

Business Development Specialist

Brett is a spirited individual ready to take your organization’s operations to the next level.  As her passions of business and people collide, she will encourage and engage team members while guarding your company’s values.  Brett will analyze data and metrics to evaluate staff performance, lead and encourage employees to maximize performance, and ensure a strong talent pipeline.  Her passions will drive her to create and implement succession plans for key management and supervisors, and advance cohesion between various internal departments. With a decade of management within multiple industries, these experiences will shape the knowledge and development processes she will develop and share with your company.  Brett is sincere and honest and will inevitably provide bewildering communication throughout the entire process.


Born and raised in western Nebraska, life after college took her to California for many years. Though she never expected nor wanted to leave the ocean, she returned to the captivating rural life in Spearfish, South Dakota to raise her girls in a community that values family.  You will find she always has freshly brewed coffee and espresso in her hand.  She is an avid plant lover, home chef and delights in baking everything from cinnamon rolls to delicate chocolate soufflé.

Contact Brett: brett@rosegroupintl.com | LinkedIn | Schedule A Meeting

Susan Giesel


Susan has worked for small starts ups to world renowned organizations and this experience has given her an innate ability to address corporate challenges.  She is enthusiastic about helping teams, departments, and organizations address culture issues, optimizing performance, and increasing revenues. She recognizes the positive elements of a good foundation to build from while implementing new strategies to improve efficacy and reach goals.


Susan is a lifelong learner and has a BA in Business Management and a Masters of Science in Administrative Studies.  She continued her education by earning a certificate in organizational development and successfully completed two mediation trainings by accredited institutions.


Being passionate about business and her community, Susan volunteers on committees for 1 Million Cups Rapid City and the Performance Excellent Network in the Black Hills.   In her spare time, you may find her in the gym practicing yoga or doing Pilates, cooking dinner with her husband, or taking a hike with her black Labrador, Koda.

Contact Susan:  susan@rosegroupintl.com  | LinkedIn

Michelle Stampe

Michelle Stampe is a freelance writer and iX Ambassador. While we coached her on leadership skills, she coached us on book writing. We worked closely for six months while we drafted our first book. In 2017, we published iX Leadership

Laura Howard

Laura grew up in Utah but has lived in Colorado, South Dakota, and now Wyoming, but the Black Hills, more than any other place, really felt like home. Although her education began at Utah State University, it took a bit of a detour before she earned a B.S. in graphic design and photography from Black Hills State University. While learning the skills required to get her diploma, she also pursued unique industry experiences. She interned at the Sanford Underground Research Facility, gave a Pulitzer Prize winning photographer a tour of Deadwood, helped haul a portable darkroom for wet-plate photo development through the hills one summer, and won a few ADDY awards for her work along the way. She believes that learning is life-long and loves acquiring new skills and techniques that she can then apply to her work. She admires clean, simple design that communicates well in addition to being visually appealing. She currently enjoys applying her style to designs for Rose Group Int’l.

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