"...culture isn't just one aspect of the game; it is the game." -Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.

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50% of our people are disengaged, and every leader around the world should be looking for the next leadership approach to fix the problem. It's here, in iX Leadership. iX Leadership is the critical next leadership style that is both inspirational and practical - allowing you to get things done, achieve measurable new success, adapt easily to new innovation and change, while taking care of your people. Through a healthy dose of psychology, philosophy, leadership strategy, and personal anecdote, we’ll show iX Leaders how to implement change, create a culture of innovation, and inspire powerful teams to produce. At the end of the day, leadership comes down to creating culture & guiding transformation – and this book holds the recipe to ensure you and your company excel at both.  Get your iX Leadership: Create high-five cultures and guide transformation today!
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RGI connects your big vision to culture and execution. We diagnose root-cause issues and guide your team to develop the behaviors needed to achieve goals beyond what you can imagine. Rachel spent the first decade of her career as a satellite image scientist, most of the second decade as the operational science officer of the Landsat satellite mission, and today she applies those lessons to business. Meg brings a western get-it-done and take-care-of-each-other mentality to business. She has deep experience in talent management, safety, organizational psychology, and communication. And she still brands cattle on her family's ranch.
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Our process is SUSTAINABLE. We provide base-level knowledge, AND the "how" of actually incorporating it into your culture. We do not set you up to be dependent upon us. We build capacity in your organization.
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