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We build people-first solutions designed for operational excellence.

“…culture isn’t just one aspect of the game; it is the game.”

-Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.



We diagnose root-cause issues that create tension and poor performance. We guide your people to develop the behaviors needed to become a high-achieving, top-performing team.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build, repair, or develop your teams – from the front-line to the boardroom. We provide powerful, tested, and proprietary tools to leverage your team with strategies to maximize operational effectiveness.

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About Us

Named after a compass rose, Rose Group Int’l® has been guiding powerful thought leaders, trusted advisors, influential consultants, and driven internal change makers to become iX® Leaders. An iX®️ Leader inspires accountability, creates trust, unlocks lines of communication, drives innovation and productivity, and grows profit.

iX Leadership®

iX Leadership® teaches leaders to leverage the energy of their people. We provide you the tools to motivate your workforce—not reorganize it, trim it, or replace it. Our non-invasive yet hands-on method supports and strengthens the positive attributes of your existing team. We mobilize executives and staff to be empowered, take action, and achieve success.

A powerful leader can create a high-five culture and guide transformation. This book holds the recipe to ensure you and your company excel at both.

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Helix Culture Types™️

iX Leadership starts with Helix Culture Types™.

Every problem we solve begins with our science-based typology, Helix Culture Types™. Take the Helix Culture Type™ Assessment to discover yours!

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions require skilled analysis, negotiation, and leadership. Team integration is the most complex post-deal challenge and is the #1 reason that deals underperform. Rose Group Int’l® can provide team and culture due diligence, as well as developing teams post deal.


Rose Group Int’l® provides front-line supervisors with tools around how to develop accountability and leadership, and roll out change initiatives that are sweeping the industry.

Certified Women-Owned Business by the 

Our Services

Develop your teams to drive your company forward.

Rose Group Int’l® will improve engagement and strengthen accountability so you can drive toward aspirational goals and generate excitement for the next phase.

Our Services
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We facilitate discussion through unspoken conversations, tough topics, and complex issues. A third-party facilitator allows for more open dialogue, better outcomes, and concrete and actionable next steps.


Learn how to drive innovation and accountability while gaining insight into the unique work preferences of your people. We can help turn your problem employee into your biggest ally and your most daunting deadline into your proudest moment.


An Helix™ certification means that you can moderate, facilitate, and guide teams using our proprietary techniques and tools. You can change the way business gets done in a way that will leave your clients or internal teams more powerful, capable, and driving forward.

RESULT: Increased Performance

What challenges you? What challenges your team? Whether you need accountable teammates, innovative problem solvers, or renewed dedication, we can help you create the kind of organizational culture you’ve always imagined. 

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They Trust us because

This book holds the secret to creating a culture that increases productivity, generates good employees, and fosters a creative environment where people actually want to work. This is a culture that easily adapts to the highly competitive, volatile business climate that challenges organizations today. This book belongs in your hands if you want to become the kind of leader that inspires every employee to be their organization’s biggest ambassador. That’s iX Leadership.
- Jeffrey W. Hayzlett

Primetime TV & Radio Host, Speaker, Author, and Part-Time Cowboy

I have implemented many of the techniques on a daily basis. Most notably, focusing on priorities, staying on budget, and managing timelines… and delegating tasks more efficiently. I strongly recommend working with the RGI, regardless of age or longevity. Their content creates a lasting impression for leadership skills going forward.
- D. Piekkola

Business Unit Leader

Not only have I improved my leadership skills, but it shows in my bottom line. My company doubled its revenues in one year. RGI is the real deal.
- President

A Sustainable Design and Construction Company

iX leadership is not a book but a culture. The culture within most organizations operate like a rotary phone when an iPhone X is where the new generation lives. I have guided my teams using TEAM as an acronym: Together, our Effort and Attitude will create Momentum. In this book, you will learn how to create the best team by empowering your people to give maximum effort and instill the right attitude by building the Internal Experience (iX) your people desire. You will lead your employees in a way that they will want to go into battle with you side by side as you grow your company. The cowgirl and the scientist have made this simple for even a Cowboy like me to understand. You ladies have rocked the stodgy corporate culture to its foundation. Kudos to you two.
- Robert Steele

President/CEO of The Enterprise Zone, Author, and Former NFL Football Player


Meet Our Co-Founders

Meg McNeese

Meg McNeese

COO & Head of Training

Meg brings a western get-it-done and take-care-of-the-people mentality to business. She has extensive experience in talent management, safety, organizational psychology, and communication. And she still brands cattle on her family’s ranch.

Dr. Rachel MK Headley

Dr. Rachel MK Headley


Rachel spent the first decade of her career as a satellite image scientist and most of the second decade as the operational science officer of the Landsat satellite mission. Today she applies those lessons to business.

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