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We execute solutions designed for operational excellence.

To the pessimist, the glass is half empty. To the Optimist, the glass is half full. To the Project Manager, the glass is twice as big as it needs to be.


We create opportunities through improved Project Management and Change Management processes and skill development. We guide your people to develop the behaviors needed to become a high-achieving, top-performing team.

Our Mission

We provide powerful, tested, and proprietary tools to leverage your team with strategies to improve operational effectiveness through right-sized Project Management (Agile and Waterfall) and Change Management. 

About Us

Named after a compass rose, Rose Group Int’l® is a boutique consultancy that specializes in co-creating solutions with clients to mature processes, develop people, and increase the velocity of adoption.

Project Management

Agile vs. Waterfall. Heroic individual effort vs. sophisticated enterprise processes. No matter where you are, or what type of projects you’re focused on, RGI has the talent to help your organization move forward quickly, with high levels of adoption.

Helix Culture Types™️

Helix Culture Types is our proprietary and tested tool that will provide an individualized result around how you react to change and your need for team. 

We often begin with our science-based typology, Helix Culture Types. Take the Helix Culture Type Assessment to discover yours!

iX Leadership®

Our Change Management framework is based on the book, iX Leadership: Create High-Five Culture and Guide Transformation. This framework evaluates a team’s tolerance for chaos around big changes and provides bespoke strategies to move your organization through changes with alacrity. 

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Certified Women-Owned Business by the 

Our Services

driving your company forward.

Rose Group Int’l® will improve engagement and strengthen accountability so you can drive toward aspirational goals with increased velocity.

Our Services
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Gap Analysis

We document current processes and skills, clarify goals and vision, and then co-create a roadmap to get your teams there.


Project Management, Change Management, Leadership, Communication, Conflict Management, and more. 


A Helix™ certification means that you can moderate, facilitate, and guide teams using our proprietary techniques and tools. 

Client Adoption

Improve adoption through upskilling Project Managers’ ability to manage change in client organizations.

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They Trust us because

“Did we save you 3 months, or 4?” asks our CEO. 

“You saved total failure!” 

- VP of Operations

Enterprise Solutions, Software Company

I have implemented many of the techniques on a daily basis. Most notably, focusing on priorities, staying on budget, and managing timelines… and delegating tasks more efficiently.  

- Business Unit Leader

Regional Manufacturer

We’ve made it much farther with RGI than we ever would have on our own!

- Partner

Regional Accounting Firm

You helped us outcompete our US division for the first time in 19 years!



Multinational Insurance Company


Meet Our Co-Founders

Meg McNeese

Meg McNeese

COO & Head of Training

Meg brings a western get-it-done and take-care-of-the-people mentality to business. She has extensive experience in talent management, safety, organizational psychology, and communication. And she still brands cattle on her family’s ranch.

Dr. Rachel MK Headley

Dr. Rachel MK Headley


Rachel spent the first decade of her career as a satellite image scientist and most of the second decade as the operational science officer of the Landsat satellite mission. Today she applies those lessons to business.

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